Bookmark Design Tips

5 Easy Design Tips for Your Bookmarks

Using bookmarks for promotions allows you to kill two birds with one stone, as the saying goes. Not only will these creative custom cards let people save their page on the book they’re reading, but your company branding printed on the cards serves as a constant reminder to potential customers about your products and services.

For bookmarks to turn people into your customers, you need to know how to properly design these as a tool promoting your business. To help you, here are 5 easy bookmark design tips that you could try:

  • Think of your item as the best anyone can find. Design your set that will impress book readers and potential customers. You can hold a survey to your clients or consult with a professional designer on this part. A more practical approach to this problem, however, is to search for samples that would serve as inspiration for your design.
  • Go for the right bookmark size and layout. Although there isn’t any strict rule on the size and layout, it would be safe if you go for the types that would fit your design. Remember that a material that looks crowded and too detailed will appear confusing. Be sure that the size which you’ll choose would have enough white spaces and safe areas for your design.
  • Use a template for easier designing. You can save up a lot of time if you would download a free template for your project. Some websites like offer these for free which can come in handy especially for the proper printing. Just remember that the sizes or layout could be limited so if you want to use one for your project, stick to the standard dimensions.
  • Go for striking or elegant colors. For your design to be more appealing, you should select the shades that can be eye-catching. If you can’t decide yet, you can try to mix and match some colors that would give a better look for your brand name. However, if you already have standard hues for your business, then stick to these for better branding.
  • Add a personal touch on your design. Unlike the generic or basic design used on traditional bookmarks, you can make your own set look more distinct by adding your own quotes or message for your customers. This would not only make them feel more special and delighted, but also help you gain a good image for your business.

Following the tips listed above, you’d be delighted to know how easy and fun it is to make and use bookmarks for marketing purposes. With the right design for your bookmarks, make people believe that they are making the right choice with your product or service.

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