Building Your Bookstore Brand With Bookmarks

Why Bookmarks Are Ideal for Bookstore Branding

Having a bookstore is like owning your own place filled with stories that you could share to other people. You would have all types of reading materials that kids and adults would want to have for themselves. Your shop would always have customers that would want to find a good book for their own needs.

This is why you as bookstore owner should do everything under your power to keep your store alive with the help of promotions.

Marketing a bookstore has become much more difficult now that people are slowly referring more to the free and easily accessible information found on the Internet. However, with the right branding and just enough of your ingenuity, not only will people realize the importance and continued relevance of books, but your bookstore will also achieve greater financial success.

In finding the right branding, the answer here is simple – promote your bookstore using print bookmarks.

Using custom bookmarks as your marketing tools provide various advantages for your bookstore.

Here are some of those ideas that you can implement on your campaign:
• Provide needed contact details of your bookstore.

With bookmarks, you can add creative design and details that would help you strengthen your store’s brand. You could also place your contact information on the bookmarks for your customer’s reference. Now, your bookmarks can act as your business cards too.

• Supplement books purchased by customers.

Give delight to your shoppers by adding free bookmarks to their purchased books. By doing so, they won’t have to purchase bookmark anymore and they will use them on the book they just bought. It’s a chance for you to promote your business and provide helpful tools to your customers. You might just gain their compliment and brand loyalty, too.

• Gain better exposure to potential clients.

Think about how people use and share their books with others. If you would be giving out custom bookmarks and they would use these, you are increasing the chance of being noticed by other people. You might be able to gain new customers that would find your bookstore impressive and worth going to. Now, who wouldn’t want that right?

A bookstore that fosters literacy and helps the community become more engaged with its culture and history is a bookstore worth promoting. Add full color bookmarks on the list of marketing materials to use.