Brochure Marketing Ideas

5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Undertaking Brochure Printing

Your marketing tools are like your very own arsenal. You use this arsenal to get ahead of your competitors and increase sales. Brochure printing is one such effective tool in that arsenal. A great looking brochure design is very easy to bring about these days as a result of various, easy-to-use, software like Illustrator, Microsoft Publisher, and Adobe Photoshop.
Printing a brochure is very much akin to creating your own marketable identity. Hence, it does increase the sales of a business! Everyone has some expectations from a marketing tool and so does a business from its brochures. However, one must keep in mind a few things before one undertakes brochure printing.

The Print Size of the Brochure

You must never mess up the set up size of the brochure. This is one of the common errors that are made by all businesses who create their own brochures. Therefore, it’s important that you keep the print size in mind before you actually turn it in for printing. Don’t make a mistake like using 8.5×11 layout and ask for a paper size that is 8×10. Many times a printer will have to compromise the print resolution. This occurs in the event where there is a need to stretch, or shrink, the layout of the brochure in order to fit the paper size.

Bleeding Allowance

Looks like a very unique phrase, doesn’t it? Well, the fact of the matter is that there is a concept called print bleed that one must keep in mind before printing a brochure. Various computer printers that print brochures have specific multi-tasking features that slice brochures into single units. This is in the event that brochures are printed in the form of sheets. If there is an expansion of the design of the brochure beyond the page borders that have been established and you allow for bleed, the you will be sure to have a good looking brochure.

Good Resolution

One of the most critical elements of commercial brochure printing is printing it in the best resolution. It could be said that the resolution is the key to a good brochure. While printing, one must take care to set the proper resolutions or you might find that all the images in the brochure are blurry. Experts suggest that at least a 300 dpi image resolution is a must for brochures. So, keep this in mind.

Paper Quality

Attractive brochure printing is also dependent on the kind of paper that you select for the printing process. It must be the correct paper and must have just the right amount of gloss or matte finish. Moreover, the purpose of a brochure also dictates the kind of paper that is to be used. So, if you are printing a brochure for a fundraiser, then the paper used might be that of a different quality than the one that will be used for a mass marketing project.

Creativity and Originality

It’s important to be creative and original when printing brochures. You need to, simultaneously, follow the rules of the process and add your own personal touch.