Add Color To Your Brochures

Design Tips for an Effective Color Brochure Printing

Brochures are multi-folded custom papers with enough space for every bit of information you want to share about your company. However, despite being one of the more favored print products out there for business promotions, you won’t be able to achieve your desired goals using brochures unless they are carefully planned and created.

The brochure design is considered as a deciding factor by people who would notice your material and consider getting a copy. Likewise, you should think about the color brochure printing since this is the key for you to achieve a total package for creating appealing brochures.

Knowing how to effectively work on the design and printing of a brochure lets you create more effective marketing tools for your business.

Since the design could determine how your printing should work, you should have an idea on how to do this. Below are some design tips to provide you with ideal brochures:

* Use the appropriate brochure size. When printing your brochures, you need to select the ideal size that best fits your design. You can avoid having troubles with the layout and dimensions of your project by choosing the right size. You may look at sizes offered by each online printing company that would handle the brochure printing. They might even have templates that you could use as guide for your design like those provided by Design concepts.

* Go for images with high resolution. To avoid making your photos look distorted or dull, it would be best to only use high-resolution images. The recommended resolution for photos is 300 dpi. Keep in mind that you’ll have better print results if you’ll be using images with higher resolution. The only issue that you might encounter here is the file size since high-quality photos tend to be heavy and large when it comes to size.

* Think about the font type and size. Your color brochure printing can bring out the best in your brochure if all of the elements in it have been effectively created. This includes the font type and size that you will be applying. Avoid going for the confusing or over dramatic ones if unnecessary; this may cause potential customers to ignore your brochures because they don’t understand what printed on the brochure. It would be better to stick with the basic and formal ones like Arial or Tahoma if you can’t decide.

With these simple tips, not only will you have an easier time choosing the best brochure printing that would complement its design, but also get impressive and high-quality marketing materials.