Creating Your Own Bookmark Design

Quick Guide on Making Your Bookmark Design

The design of your promotional tool is responsible for reeling in people to your business. Once the connection has been made, the chance of making a sale or transaction is greatly increased.

The appearance of your bookmarks to be used as marketing materials is vital in growing your business. Traditionally known for saving the reader’s page on the book, bookmarks are creative custom cards that, with the right design, can make people remember your business.

In planning how to make a creative set of bookmarks, be aware of the best design practices to help you run your bookmark campaign. Below is a quick guide to get you started with your ideal bookmark design.

Think about the size and template to use

Since you want to enjoy making your bookmarks, you should know how to start an effective design. Check us out at, one of the online printing companies that provides you with free file templates for your design. We also offer 3 bookmark sizes to suit your project design.

Create a theme to follow

Make your bookmark design consistent and strengthen your branding by using a single theme on all your cards. You could look at sample bookmarks if you’re still unsure on which design to use. You may also ask for advice or hire a design professional so you won’t have much trouble coming up with the right theme.

Add a catchy headline or phrase

If you’d come up with a tagline that would make a mark on your potential customers, then they’ll most likely take a bookmark, check what your custom card has to say, and keep it for future use.

Simple as they may seem, the tips above should make designing your bookmarks much easier. You should also invest on the custom bookmark printing to ensure the quality of your set.You might just be able to effectively market your brand using these affordable and creative book items.